fuck yeah bright eyes!

for everyone who appreciates bright eyes. i think we could all use a little more conor in our lives :)

Maybe a 17 year-old won’t be able to relate to this new album, if they love Fevers and Mirrors. But my guess is, when that 17-year old is 27, they will. And hopefully this album will be waiting for them when they get there.

—Conor Oberst on “Upside Down Mountain,” 2014 (via annotatedconoroberst)

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Conor Oberst - Spin

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, Lies and the Internet: The Story of and His Accuser



I know I’m late but I JUST heard about the allegations against Conor and as a huge fan and also a huge activist against sexual assault, I think this is a really great article on the whole thing.

Would be happy to be raped by Conor oberst

I realize you may just be saying that in a humorous way, but:

  1. Not funny to some people.  Respect those people.
  2. You realize that if you were HAPPY to “be raped” that it wouldn’t actually be rape, right?  That negates the term.
Bright Eyes

—Poison Oak

Now I’m drunk as hell on a piano bench,
And when I press the keys, it all gets reversed.
The sound of loneliness makes me happier.

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In the middle of drinks, maybe the fifth or the sixth, I am completely alone at a table of friends. I feel nothing for them, I feel nothing for anyone.

—Conor Oberst (via boonevalenta)